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Science's Blind Spot

You are freed from the spell of the primate drama when you understand human behaviour in its correct context. But unfortunately, science has a blind spot that for centuries has caused it to stand in the way of the search for the true understanding of life.
True science began with the work of Aristotle, in an effort to systematically analyse our surroundings—the lines, the curves, the way a stone would fall—for the understanding of our environment and from there, the universe. Through observation, measurement, and reflection, a detailed picture of reality and its mathematical underpinnings emerged over the centuries, independent from the folklore of the times. Thus the edifice of science was built in tiny increments, as facts that could be mutually verifiedaccumulated through pure research done in the quest for knowledge. The Mechanical Philosophy In the 1600s western society was making swift progress in the invention of machines, and some intellectuals declaredthat the universe, too, is…