Shark Week 2017 Offering | A Film

Finally The True Nature of Sharks can be glimpsed in a trailer!

I got The True Nature of Sharks published on July 17, with a colored kindle edition, and then the updated third edition of The Shark Sessions on July 19. So the trailer for my new book was delayed. But it is out in time for Shark Week anyway! 

Please share in the interests of #RaisingSharkAwareness!

For the first time The Shark Sessions is available in color, as a kindle edition.

I'm also glad to tell you that I was able to get the price of the printed book down below twenty dollars, which was what I had always planned, so that any shark and nature lover could afford it. 

The publishers of the first and second editions priced it originally at over forty dollars, and it was with great difficulty that I was finally able to have it priced at $33.00 US. Neither publisher paid me royalties, by the way--both squeaked out by simply ignoring their contracts. 

Luckily, the opportunity to publish independently on Amazon has made traditional publishers redundant, with the possible exception of specialty publishers such as university presses. All three of my books can be found on Amazon. (Sorry there is a problem with inserting live links in the blog at this time)

I hope you enjoy the video! I had a lot of fun making it, and it was with difficulty that I got it below two minutes in length. Have a great day!

Ila France Porcher


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