The TRUE NATURE of SHARKS Now Available for Pre-order

At last this long awaited presentation of wild shark behavior is on It can be pre-ordered at this link : 

I have prepared some gifts for everyone who pre-orders to thank you for your interest in what sharks are really like, so please send your receipt to

and I will send you the link to the page where you can download them, and the password. These gifts include a copy of my latest book about sea turtle intelligence, MERLIN : The Mind of a Sea Turtle, an ode to a bird called Legend of the Dinosaurs, and some of my favorite shark illustrations and paintings, as files that you can download and print for your enjoyment.

Here is the official description :

The True Nature of Sharks is a full-scale exploration of the natural behavior of wild sharks. Written by one of the worlds few shark ethologists, and the only researcher to have studied them as individuals through long-term underwater observation, it reveals a new dimension of understanding of their lives. 

You will learn how the complex behavior that sharks display shows that they are thinking, rather than acting on instinct. For sharks are not the dangerously stupid automatons that popular media will have us believe. Neither are they monsters, nor the cold and senseless creatures described by 'fisheries science.'

They are ordinary animals, thinking about the events in their lives and responding intelligently.

You will learn that requiem sharks 

  • are self-aware,
  • form friendships but not enemies,
  • make swift decisions depending on the circumstances,
  • can plan to influence an event in the future,
  • are highly emotional,
  • enjoy socializing
  • communicate through posturing and gestures,
  • easily influence other sharks in their community. 

This timely book will make the mysterious world of sharks come alive for you. 

As a life long observer of terrestrial wildlife, the author saw immediately that sharks are very different from the mammals and birds we are more familiar with, and launched an intensive study of their behavior, their social tendencies, and their daily lives. During fifteen years of observation, she kept track of several hundred individual reef sharks over a seven year period, and could recognize more than three hundred on sight. These observations were supplemented with shorter periods watching wild tiger, bull and lemon sharks, to verify that not only reef sharks, but many other closely related species, show similar signs of intelligent awareness and reasoning. 

The author is credited with finding a way to study sharks without killing them, and yet no one from the marine science community has done any comparable studies of sharks underwater. Shark science has underestimated these maligned animals, and this failure of biological inquiry is examined too, in this ground breaking book. 

This is natural history writing at its best, full of fascinating insights and unexpected facts. The author's clear writing and vivid prose takes you right into the presence of the sharks, and the richly detailed analysis of the behavior of the individuals in this community of sharks is captivating. 

If you love discovering new, intelligent wildlife behavior, you will love this beautifully written and illustrated work. Once you understand the true nature of sharks, you will never think of them in the same way again. 

"Awareness of the cognitive abilities of these animals forever changes our perception of them and their place in nature, and ours."

       ~Alan C. Kamil, Emeritus Professor of Biology and Psychology~

Your interest in sharks is appreciated; they need all the support they can get to help reverse the negative way they are viewed by society, and survive extinction.

(c) Ila France Porcher

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