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My Sunset Rendezvous is Published!

Finally the story of my sharks has been released! 
It's available through the following link: as well as Amazon, etc. 
The official press release is pasted below, so that you can get a better idea about it. 
It is much more than a book about sharks--stories of other species are interwoven throughout, all relating to wild animal intelligence, and set in the often amusing framework of island life. 
It was written to be enjoyed by anyone who loves animals and animal stories and I illustrated it to make the underwater events that occurred more real. They are writer - to - reader messages lovingly and loosely painted in ink and bleach with lots of water, to help make real some of the astonishing and funny things that happened.
This work of love was written because there was a story that had to be told, and now, its available. So I very much hope you will read it and thus complete the cycle for which I risked much, and labou…