A Logo for The Year of the Sharks

Me and my friends are trying to get the year 2009 or 2010 officially designated as Shark Year. We are inviting all other shark protection organizations to network together with us in order to use it to draw as much attention to the plight of sharks as we can.

Here is the logo that I finally got designed for our use. Note that the shark is not showing its teeth--sharks rarely do, yet are usually depicted that way--and that the logo can be used with or without words--the image speaks for itself, of sharks under the protection of people.


Wolf Leander said…
Tha logo is pure tenderness and love - it is what sharks deserve.

To caress a shark and to hold a newborn chick in your hand is, essentially, the same: You just feel like protecting them.

Yes!! Let the sharks live!!
The Sharkman said…
Once again, Ila's artistic talent display's her true love for these awesome creatures.

First time I saw this Logo, I was speachless. It says it all. Sharks need our helping hand.

Simply awesome.
Johann said…
I like very much this logo and I really hope that you will succeed in having the year of shark.
Good luck and if you need help, do not hesitate.
Shark Diver said…
I like the idea of the Year of the Shark. How are you going to roll this out?
Aubrey said…
Hey... Sorry I haven't had the privilege of being able work w/ you guys for a LONG time. I probably won't for a while because of a time press & something else I'd rather not talk about.

But I LOVE the logo!!! I saw it when I was still w/ you guys. It's great & it looks... I guess I'm trying to say it looks spiritual. Like there's another aura that the world has never felt before.

LONG LIVE THE SHARKS!!! I wish luck to all of you & I hope I can come back soon.

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